We have two of the most trusted brands in stock with us, that is PATTA and HP both from TAIWAN. We usually have all the sizes of SelfDrilling Screws in Ready Stock 10*20,10*25,12*25,12*35,12*45,12*55,12*68,12*75 & 12*90

Self-drilling screws mainly has three advantages as following:

  • » Firstly, Self Drilling Screws can save labor. Drilling hole, forming mating thread and clamping home can achieve in an easy operation. It doesn’t require for difficult alignment of two or more elements.
  • » Secondly, Self Drilling Screws can save materials. It only needs one tool for application---screw drive.
  • » Power drills, drill bits and elaborate and costly press tools and their maintenance are eliminated.
  • » Finally, Self Drilling Screws can improve product quality. It ensures correct hole size every time, resulting in better thread engagement and tighter clamp. Self Drilling Screws features Drill Point which has precise cutting edges to improve drill performance with less EFFORT. The Unique Point to Thread design extrudes the metal preventing strip-out and maximizes pullout performance and minimizes back-out.
  • » Drill Point has a unique curved edge at the corner of the drill point. This ensures that the drilling process becomes self-digging making drill penetration effortless. The conventional drill point only facilitates drilling. A knife like corner is created to scrape the steel off. Sufficient pressure has to be applied for more effective drilling making drilling tiring.
  • » non walking drill point provides fast material engagement. Hex Head Self Drilling Screw comes with EPDM washers which provide excellent heat, cold, weather, Ozone, Oil resistance and very good bending strength, wear resistance, repulsive elasticity and compression strength.
  • » Self Drilling Screws are engineered for fast drilling and smooth tapping with less effort.
  • » Self Drilling Screws comes in both Zinc as well as Ruspert® Coating (Anti-Corrosive).